Termination Season

Under Ohio law, the age of majority is 18 years of age and it is on this birthdate that most support orders terminate. The duty of a parent to pay support under an administrative child support order can continue beyond the age of 18 if the child continuously attends, on a full-time basis, any recognized and accredited high school. The support order shall terminate, however, in the latter case once the child reaches the age of 19.

The above mentioned parameters apply also to judicial child support orders except that such orders may be written to require payment of support to continue beyond age 19.

So, when agency records indicate that your child will become eighteen years of age on a certain date this could result in the termination of support for this child unless he or she attends high school on a full-time basis or your order states that support will continue past the age of 19. Note: Termination of the order does not cancel the CSEA's authority to collect overdue or unpaid support on behalf of the obligee or the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. It does mean, however, that the regular or current support obligation will cease.

Notices of emancipation will be sent to both the custodial and non-custodial parents of those children expected to graduate high school in June. If the parents on the case wish to agree to the projected date of emancipation and to the amount of arrearage owed, if any, on the case, they can contact the agency to request that we file an agreed termination entry. Taking this action will speed up the termination process by permitting us to waive the statutory time frame for completing this process. Parents who disagree with the arrearage amount stated in this notice can request a mistake of fact hearing by completing the form enclosed with our notice and returning it to us within seven days.

After your termination order has been issued, parents with other minor children covered by the support order may request a review for adjustment of that order to assure that they are receiving/paying the correct amount under Ohio's Child Support Guidelines.